Palak Puri Recipe – How to Make Palak Poori

Palak Puri Recipe - How to Make Palak Poori

Palak is a green leafy vegetable grown particularly during the winter season. Regular intake of this vegetable during the season prevents various infections. Palak contains various nutritional values such as iron, folate, vitamin B6, zinc, vitamin E, and protein. Indian nowadays are celebrating a holy festival. Thus, here is one awesome recipe straight from India to your … Read morePalak Puri Recipe – How to Make Palak Poori

Peach Mushroom Biryani

‌Peach Mushroom biryani is one another variety for biryani lovers. With nutritious mushrooms and peaches which is a good source of vitamins. Both together makes this biryani more nutritious and healthful. Ingredients One Cup – Basmati Rice Two Tablespoons – Salt Few Pinches – Saffron strands Two Cups – Water Two Tablespoons – Milk One … Read morePeach Mushroom Biryani

Chocolate Drink With Brandy

Hot Chocolate With Brandy

Chocolate drink with a hint of brandy is delicious and tastes good when mixed with milk, cocoa powder, vanilla essence, sugar, and other flavorings to make it a divine drink. Ingredients Four Mugs – Milk Half Cup – Dark Cocoa Powder Half Teaspoon – Salt Four Tablespoons – Sugar Two Tablespoons – Vanilla Essence Eight … Read moreChocolate Drink With Brandy

Fruit Bread – Fruity Nutritious Loaf

Fruit are rich in antioxidants, it has been a favorite food, and with good reason; they’re tasty, easy to digest, a good source of quick energy, and packed with vitamins and minerals. When it was added to your food it creates a great taste with nutritional benefits. Ingredients Two and half Cups – Whole Wheat … Read moreFruit Bread – Fruity Nutritious Loaf

Banana Kheer Recipe

Banana Kheer Recipe

Banana is widely cultivated across the globe. The regions of Southeast Asia, India, China, and South Africa are famous for producing different types of bananas. Banana is long and curved in shape with multiple color rinds such as green, red and yellow. The green peel indicates fruit’s rawness while yellow color peel denotes the ripeness of … Read moreBanana Kheer Recipe

Buckwheat Flat Bread

Buckwheat parathas are high in protein and fiber which gives energy during fasting. It’s also gluten-free so low in calories. Ingredients Two Cups – kuttu ka aata(Buckwheat Flour) One – Large Potato One Tablespoon – Coriander Leaves(chopped) One – Green Chilli(finely chopped)  Rock salt as required Warm water as required Ghee as required Directions Boil … Read moreBuckwheat Flat Bread

Rajgira Paratha

Healthy gluten free flat breads made with rajgira flour. Usually made during fasting days, but you can made even your regular days. It gives you nutrients during your fasting. Ingredients 250 Grams – Rajgira Flour(Amaranth Flour) Two – Medium Potatoes Half Teaspoon – Cumin Powder Two – Green Chillies(finely chopped) Rock salt as required Ghee … Read moreRajgira Paratha

Cumin Cookies – Eggless Cookie

Eggless Cumin Cookie Recipe

Cumin seeds come from the family of Apiaceae flower plant that is widely grown in East Meditteranean and Asian regions. The cumin seeds have an aromatic smell and enhance the taste of recipes. These seeds are roasted, dried, powdered and are used as a whole also for preparing different recipes. Ingredients For Cumin Cookie:- One and … Read moreCumin Cookies – Eggless Cookie

How to Deseed Guava

How to Deseed Guava

Guava is a tropical fruit that holds multiple nutrients such as iron, vitamin a, vitamin c, and folic acid. Our recent post shares the recipe for making juice from this delicious fruit along with its benefits. But, one important part of the recipe is deseeding this tropical fruit which is also known as amrood in India. … Read moreHow to Deseed Guava