Smoothie Recipes

Smoothie Recipes –

 Here I brings you some Smoothie recipes that is very healthy and also gud for human body as some Ingredients helps to detoxify the body and cleans it internally. Hope you like this Smoothie recipes as you like my previous recipe Ginger Cookies. Peaches And Cream Smoothie Ingredients:- One and a Half Cups Of Almond Milk One Cup Coconut Yogurt …

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Ginger cookies

Ginger Cookies – Nutritional Cookies With The Goodness Of Ginger

Ginger cookies is soft and spiced cookies with the goodness of whole wheat flour and ginger. A good snack for morning or evening tea time. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Jalebi Pudding. Ingredients:- Half Cup – Jaggery Half Cup – Softened Butter Two Cups – Whole Wheat Flour Half Teaspoon – Baking Soda …

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Jalebi Pudding

Jalebi Pudding

Jalebi pudding is a delicious Indian desserts recipe with crispy and juicy jalebis served with strained yogurt and some flavorings. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe layered rice. Ingredients:- One Cup All Purpose Flour Two and Half Cup – Yogurt Oil For Frying Two and Half Cups – Sugar Two Cups – Water A …

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layered rice

Layered Rice

Layered rice is layered with spinach puree and tomato paneer layering along with boiled rice and fried potatoes make this recipe full of nutritionals and health. As this recipe uses vegetables like spinach and tomatoes. Hope you like this layered rice recipe as you did like my previous recipe Sprouts Usal. Ingredients:- Two – Potatoes Oil For Deep Frying Two …

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sprouts usal

Sprouts Usal

Sprouts usal is an Maharastrian cuisine made with mixed sprouts with spices. We are using sprouts here to give this usal a different taste. Hope you like this recipe of usal as you did like my previous recipe Buttery Pumpkin Soup. Ingredients:- Two Cups – Mixed Sprouts Three Cups – Water Two Tablespoons – Oil Seven Cloves – Garlic, Sliced …

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buttery pumpkin soup

Buttery Pumpkin Soup

In this chilling winter lets try something hot and healthy and delicious too. In winter what is better than soups and when soup is made with spices and veggies it increases the tastes and nutritional values too. Hope you like this buttery pumpkin soup recipe as you did like my precious recipe Herb Okra. Ingredients For Buttery Pumpkin Soup:- One Kilo …

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herb okra

Herb Okra

After some sweet its time to have something healthy and full of nutritional values. Okra itself consists a lots of fiber components and pectin. It is perfect to make stews or soups because its stickiness. Hope you like this okra recipe as you did like my previous recipe  Almond Pudding. Ingredients Half Kilo – Okra(sliced in half lengthwise) Four Tablespoons Of …

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pumpkin and tofu curry

Pumpkin And Tofu Curry

Curry made with Pumpkin and Tofu is easily made a recipe with easily found ingredients and it serve your family a healthy curry with lots of flavor and tastes. As it flavor with some herbs and spices. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe lentil soup. Ingredients For Pumpkin And Tofu Curry:-  One Packet – …

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Almond Pudding

Almond Pudding

Almond Pudding is a lightly sweet pudding with almond flavor served as a dessert. Perfect for any breakfast or tea time snacks. You can also make this almond pudding for your children’s party as children enjoy eating pudding. Hope you like this almond pudding as you did like my previous recipe Pumpkin And Tofu Curry. Ingredients For Almond Pudding:- Two …

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