Aloo paratha

Stuffed Tortilla | Aloo Paratha |Potato Stuffed

Stuffed Tortilla can be made in different varieties depending on your favorite ingredients stuffed inside. Aloo paratha can be made in 2 different technique and is one of the most favorite recipe in India. It is made by boiled mashed potatoes flour aromatic Indian spices. Stuffing is heart of paratha and there are hacks for making it more delicious. If

Palak Paratha

Palak Paratha – Spinach Stuffed Flatbread

Palak Paratha is another variation of an Indian flatbread recipe with the stuffing of healthy and nutritious spinach and some spices. This flatbread is easy to made and delicious and healthy for everyone. Hope you like this palak paratha recipe as you did like my previous recipe Yam Curry. Ingredients For Palak Paratha:- Two Cups – Wheat Flour(half cup for

Mix Vegetable Paratha Recipe - Flatbread Stuffed with Mix Vegetable

Mix Vegetable Paratha Recipe – Flatbread Stuffed with Mix Vegetable

Paratha is the amazing flatbread of the Indian cuisine. We have talked a lot about this dish in our previous article of gajar-muli ka paratha. So, today we have bought one more interesting recipe for you as the part of our paratha series. Let us quickly have a look at the ingredients and then the preparation. Ingredients:- 4 -5 Potatoes

Garjar-Muli Paratha - Winter Special Receipe

Garjar-Muli Paratha – Winter Special Receipe

Paratha – this word itself make the person feel hungry. This is a regular Indian flatbread prepared in almost every household of this country. There is a variety of parathas available such as stuffed, tandoori, tava and plain. But, today we have a bought a variety of stuffed paratha recipe with a twist and some nutritional values. Try this recipe

Rajgira Paratha

Healthy gluten free flat breads made with rajgira flour. Usually made during fasting days, but you can made even your regular days. It gives you nutrients during your fasting. Ingredients 250 Grams – Rajgira Flour(Amaranth Flour) Two – Medium Potatoes Half Teaspoon – Cumin Powder Two – Green Chillies(finely chopped) Rock salt as required Ghee as required Directions First boil

vegan palak paneer

Easy Palak Paneer | Vegan Palak Paneer | Instant Pot Palak Paneer

Easy Palak Paneer is a quick recipe made with cottage cheese and spinach and well known for the taste as well as health ingredients combination. Vegan Palak Paneer is something which is trendy now days. Here the cottage cheese is replaced with tofu i.e soy milk. Tofu has very high protein along with other nutrients. Furthermore, spinach which has high

Fresh Guavas

5 Quick Guava Recipes | Guava Recipes

Introduction of Guava: What type of fruit is a guava? Guava is a fruit that grows in tropical as well as subtropical regions. You can make 5 Quick Guava Recipes that help to boost immunity and contains an enormous amount of Vitamin C. Guava is an oval-shaped fruit available in green, white and pink color. Moreover, Guava has many edible

spice in yogurt

Vegetable Raita Recipe | How To Make Vegetable Raita | Veg Raita

Vegetable Raita Recipe is made with yogurt, finely chopped veggies and some roasted spices. Vegetable Raita is served as side dish in Indian meals. You can use it as side dish with any rice recipes. It is best and quick recipe, if you have yogurt, and want to eat with taste of something salty and spicy. Vegetable raita is basically