Buckwheat Flat Bread

Buckwheat parathas are high in protein and fiber which gives energy during fasting. It’s also gluten-free so low in calories. Ingredients Two Cups – kuttu ka aata(Buckwheat Flour) One – Large Potato One Tablespoon – Coriander Leaves(chopped) One – Green Chilli(finely chopped)  Rock salt as required Warm water as required Ghee as required Directions Boil … Read moreBuckwheat Flat Bread

Rajgira Paratha

Healthy gluten free flat breads made with rajgira flour. Usually made during fasting days, but you can made even your regular days. It gives you nutrients during your fasting. Ingredients 250 Grams – Rajgira Flour(Amaranth Flour) Two – Medium Potatoes Half Teaspoon – Cumin Powder Two – Green Chillies(finely chopped) Rock salt as required Ghee … Read moreRajgira Paratha

Mini Pizzas

Mini pizzas are simple and easy to made breakfast snack even children’s like to make it for themselves.  It’s a light and healthy snacks children and adults both love to eat this. You can make it with your desired toppings too. Ingredients 200 Grams – All Purpose Flour 100 Grams – Butter Half Teaspoon – … Read moreMini Pizzas

Broccoli Paneer Fritters

Broccoli Paneer Fritters are rich in protein snacks breakfast simply dipping in the cornflour paste and breadcrumbs, and deep fried till golden brown and crispy. Ingredients Ten Florets – Broccoli One Tablespoon – Butter One – Bay Leaf Half Tablespoon – Plain Flour 150 Millilitre – Milk One Fourth Cup – Potato(boiled & mashed) One … Read moreBroccoli Paneer Fritters

Coconut Sandwich

Coconut Sandwich

Coconut Sandwich Coconut sandwich is a very simple recipe to make.  At the same time, this dish is light and is easy to digest. You can enjoy this delicious recipe anytime of the day irrespective of whether it is a breakfast time, lunch or evening snacks. Ingredients Four Slices – Bread One Cup – Grated … Read moreCoconut Sandwich

No bake Gulab Jamun Feta Cheese Cake

No bake Gulab Jamun Feta Cheese Cake

Gulab Jamun Feta Cheese Cake which is made with Feta Cheese. It is valued for its portability, long life, and high content of fat, protein, calcium, and phosphorus. Ingredients For Gulab Jamun Feta Cheese Cake:- 20 pieces – Small Gulab Jamun 75 Grams Powdered Sugar Three Tablespoon White Wine 2 cup of Biscuit crumbs [crushed biscuits] … Read moreNo bake Gulab Jamun Feta Cheese Cake


Mushrooms are classified as fungi. They are primitive plants that cannot obtain energy though photosynthesis and therefore draw their nutrients from humus, the partially decomposed tissue of more complex vegetation. Ingredients One Tablespoon – Butter Three Cups – Mushrooms Half Cup – Spring Onions 3 – Garlic Half Teaspoon – Oregano Half Teaspoon – Black … Read moreMUSHROOM SANDWICH

Capsicum-Stuffed With Potatoes And Peas

Capsicum-Stuffed With Potatoes And Peas

Capsicum stuffed with potatoes and peas it’s like a nutritional basket in a green capsicum. You can add vegetables of your choice in this stuffed recipe. Hope you like this recipe full of nutritional facts and tastes. Ingredients:- 5 Large – Capsicum 5 Medium – Potatoes Half Cup – Boiled Peas One Small – Onion(chopped) … Read moreCapsicum-Stuffed With Potatoes And Peas

Allergies-Food That Reacts


Allergies:- It is estimated that almost one-third of people say they, or a family member, have a food allergy. But in fact, only 2 to 8 % of children, and 1 to 2% of adults have clinically proven allergic reactions to food. The reason for this discrepancy is that we often fail to discriminate between … Read moreAllergies-Food That Reacts

Butter Paneer Biryani – Biryani For Lacto Vegetarians

Butter Paneer Biryani

Butter Paneer Biryani is a delicious variety of biryani cooked with aromatic spices along with Basmati rice. Butter make this biryani better and paneer gives the recipe a complete lacto vegetarian touch. Ingredients:- One and a Half Cup – Basmati rice(aged) Two Big – Onion(sliced) One Tablespoon – Oil A salt according to taste MARINATION … Read moreButter Paneer Biryani – Biryani For Lacto Vegetarians