Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie is an easy recipe simple and delicious, easy to made pie with the crusty outside and creamy chicken inside. Hope you like this chicken pie as you did like my previous recipe Baked Vegetables.  Ingredients:- Half Kilogram – Boneless Chicken(cooked and diced) Two Cups – All-Purpose Flour Three-Fourth Cup – Butter One Teaspoon – Vinegar in an egg or One …

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baked vegetables

Baked Vegetables

Baked vegetables is an easy baked vegetable recipe which is low in calories and rich in fiber and nutrients. White sauce mixed with butter and milk gives a buttery flavour to the baked vegetables. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Poha Kheer. Ingredients:- Two Tablespoons – Butter One recipe- Onion(finely chopped) One-Fourth Cup Of …

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Potato Basil Frittata

Potato Basil Frittata – Omelette Baked In Oven

  Ingredients For Frittata:- 8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter, divided 2 cups peeled and 1/2-inch diced boiling potatoes (4 potatoes) 8 extra-large eggs 15 ounces ricotta cheese 3/4 pound Gruyere cheese, grated 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper Directions:- Heat the oven to 350 degrees F. Melt 3 tablespoons of butter in a 10-inch ovenproof …

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Lime And Tequila Chicken

Lime And Tequila Chicken

Lime and Tequila Chicken is a delicious hot sizzling, moist, mouthwatering chicken marinated with tequila and lime make the chicken tastes better. Its simple to make by anyone. Hope you like this lime and tequila chicken as you did like my previous recipe baked moong kachori. Ingredients Half Kilo – Chicken(boneless) Three Cloves – Garlic(minced) Lime Wedges Chopped Cilantro Two …

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baked moong kachori

Baked Moong Kachori

Baked Moong Kachori is a baked version of indian snack but not deep-fried. You can indulge in the protein boost of moong dal without worrying about the calories of a deep-fried snack. Hope you like this baked moong kachori as you did like my previous recipe Green iced tea latte. Ingredients Half Cup – Moong Dal(soaked) Two Tablespoon – Oil …

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gond ke laddu

Paneer Stuffed Bun

Paneer Stuffed Bun – A nutritional bun recipe with creamy paneer and vegetables stuffing, with some spices which makes these buns flavorful and soft. You can add any filling of your choice as i use paneer and veggies which is my favorite stuffing. Hope you like this stuffed paneer bun recipe as you did like my previous recipe Potato Fries …

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Fruit Bread – Fruity Nutritious Loaf

Fruit are rich in antioxidants, it has been a favorite food, and with good reason; they’re tasty, easy to digest, a good source of quick energy, and packed with vitamins and minerals. When it was added to your food it creates a great taste with nutritional benefits. Ingredients Two and half Cups – Whole Wheat Flour Half Cup – All …

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Eggless Cumin Cookie Recipe

Cumin Cookies – Eggless Cookie

Cumin seeds come from the family of Apiaceae flower plant that is widely grown in East Meditteranean and Asian regions. The cumin seeds have an aromatic smell and enhance the taste of recipes. These seeds are roasted, dried, powdered and are used as a whole also for preparing different recipes. Ingredients For Cumin Cookie:- One and a Half cup All-Purpose Flour …

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Mini Pizzas

Mini pizzas are simple and easy to made breakfast snack even children’s like to make it for themselves.  It’s a light and healthy snacks children and adults both love to eat this. You can make it with your desired toppings too. Ingredients 200 Grams – All Purpose Flour 100 Grams – Butter Half Teaspoon – Salt Water to knead Five …

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Stuff Garlic Bread

Stuff Garlic Bread at Home

Stuff Garlic Bread recipe is one of the my most loved recipe.I have attempted and turned out delicious.some insider facts that I am going to share with you so you can to make bread like restaurants.Stuff Garlic Bread recipe at home seems like domino’s garlic bread. Ingredients for Spice Mix of Stuff Garlic Bread 1 Tsb Salt 1/2 Tsp Rosemarry …

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