potato fries with spices

Potato Fries With Spices

Potato fries with spices are an exciting  twist to make potatoes crispy and spicy. Generally fries are salted but we added some spices here to enhance the taste. It can be made from sweet potatoes too instead of regular potatoes. Hope you like this spicy version of potato fries as you did like my previous recipe Eggplant Salsa Wrap. Ingredients …

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Palak Puri Recipe - How to Make Palak Poori

Palak Puri Recipe – How to Make Palak Poori

Palak is a green leafy vegetable grown particularly during the winter season. Regular intake of this vegetable during the season prevents various infections. Palak contains various nutritional values such as iron, folate, vitamin B6, zinc, vitamin E, and protein. Indian nowadays are celebrating a holy festival. Thus, here is one awesome recipe straight from India to your kitchen. Ingredients: 1 cup Palak …

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Eggless Cumin Cookie Recipe

Cumin Cookies – Eggless Cookie

Cumin seeds come from the family of Apiaceae flower plant that is widely grown in East Meditteranean and Asian regions. The cumin seeds have an aromatic smell and enhance the taste of recipes. These seeds are roasted, dried, powdered and are used as a whole also for preparing different recipes. Ingredients For Cumin Cookie:- One and a Half cup All-Purpose Flour …

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Broccoli Paneer Fritters

Broccoli Paneer Fritters are rich in protein snacks breakfast simply dipping in the cornflour paste and breadcrumbs, and deep fried till golden brown and crispy. Ingredients Ten Florets – Broccoli One Tablespoon – Butter One – Bay Leaf Half Tablespoon – Plain Flour 150 Millilitre – Milk One Fourth Cup – Potato(boiled & mashed) One Teaspoon – Chilli Flakes Half …

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Coconut Sandwich

Coconut Sandwich

Coconut Sandwich Coconut sandwich is a very simple recipe to make.  At the same time, this dish is light and is easy to digest. You can enjoy this delicious recipe anytime of the day irrespective of whether it is a breakfast time, lunch or evening snacks. Ingredients Four Slices – Bread One Cup – Grated Coconut Jaggery according to taste …

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Mushrooms are classified as fungi. They are primitive plants that cannot obtain energy though photosynthesis and therefore draw their nutrients from humus, the partially decomposed tissue of more complex vegetation. Ingredients One Tablespoon – Butter Three Cups – Mushrooms Half Cup – Spring Onions 3 – Garlic Half Teaspoon – Oregano Half Teaspoon – Black Pepper One Tablespoon – Coriander …


Red Kidney Bean Fritters - Spicy Vegan Recipe

Red Kidney Bean Fritters – Spicy Vegan Recipe

Kidney Bean Fritters is a spicy vegan recipe, that you can prepare for dinner. Kidney beans are also knows as Rajma in India. I like kidney beans from since I was a kid. Ingredients For Red kidney Bean Fritters 2 Tbsp – Olive Oil One Pinch – Asafoetida 1 Tsp – Cumin Seeds 4-5 – Black Cardamom Seeds 2 Tbsp …

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turnip cake with chilli sauce

Turnip Cakes With Chilli Sauce

Turnips are economical, healthful and easy to prepare and cultivate even in soil of poor quality, and surprisingly full of vitamin C and some essential amino acids.turnip cake with chilli sauce is easy and steam recipe. Ingredients for turnip cake with chilli sauce 20 Grams – Dried Shrimps 15 Grams – Shallots 250 Grams – Turnips One small handful of …

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Egg Rolls

Egg Rolls

Egg Rolls A Healthy Pan Cake Egg rolls… hmm. Some like egg whites whereas some people like to dig into the egg yolk. But, do you know eating these specifics won’t make us healthy. Rather we must consume the entire egg so that our mind, body, and soul all stay in a healthy state.  But, what if I don’t like …

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Jackfruit Sweet Idli

Jackfruit Sweet Idli

Jackfruit Idli is one of the modified recipe of idli with nutritious jackfruit and coconut. Most people love it as a fruit because it seeds is rich in protein. INGREDIENTS:  250 grams – Jackfruit (deseeded) One cup – semolina/suji/Rava One cup – Coconut(grated) Three-fourth cups – Jaggery Two teaspoons – Ghee(Clarified Butter) 10 – Cashew nuts Directions to make jackfruit …

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