Cauliflower Quinoa Biryani – Delicious Vegan Biryani

Cauliflower Quinoa Biryani

Ingredients For Cauliflower Quinoa Biryani:- QUINOA RICE One Cup – Quinoa(dry) One – Green And Black Cardamom Two – Cloves One Inch – Cinnamon Stick One – Bay Leaf One And One-Third  Cups – Water Two-Third Teaspoons – Salt CAULIFLOWER GRAVY Two Teaspoons – Oil Three-Fourth – Red Onion(finely sliced) One – Green Chili(chopped) Half … Read moreCauliflower Quinoa Biryani – Delicious Vegan Biryani

Vegan Meatballs – Jackfruit Balls In Tacos

Vegan Meatballs

A perfect meat replacement for the vegan lovers. Vegan meatballs is not a real meat but a very good substitute of meat which is jackfruit, using jackfruit in place of meat make this dish more vegetarian. Using gram flour and spices give the recipe a different flavors and aroma. Ingredients For Vegan Meatballs:- JACKFRUIT INGREDIENTS … Read moreVegan Meatballs – Jackfruit Balls In Tacos

Spinach Tofu Curry – Vegan Version Of Indian Cuisine

Spinach Tofu Curry

Spinach Tofu Curry is a very delicious and creamy version of Indian cuisine palak paneer packed with iron, vitamins, and protein. It’s an excellent dish for the vegan lover or for those who are allergic to dairy products Ingredients For Spinach Tofu Curry:- THINGS TO NEED FOR SPICED TOFU Two Teaspoons – Cooking Oil One-Fourth … Read moreSpinach Tofu Curry – Vegan Version Of Indian Cuisine

Samosa Wraps – Amazing Potato Wraps

Samosa Wraps

Easy samosa wraps is like any spring roll recipe with filling of spices mixed with veggies without frying or baking. Fun to make this samosa wraps and it tastes delicious with the mixture of vegetables, chickpeas, and spices to enhance the flavor. Ingredients For Samosa Wraps:- FOR SAMOSAS One Teaspoon – Oil One-fourth Teaspoon – … Read moreSamosa Wraps – Amazing Potato Wraps

Japanese Curry – Flavorful Rich Vegan Curry

Japanese Curry

Lovely  gluten-free Japanese Curry is a satisfying, flavorful and delicious curry with veggies ,and spices, in a one pot. This spicy curry is good to serve over rice and tastes amazing. Ingredients For Japanese Curry:- Two Teaspoons – Cooking Oil(divided) Half – Onion(thinly sliced) Four Cloves – Garlic(finely chopped) One Tablespoon – Ginger(finely chopped) One … Read moreJapanese Curry – Flavorful Rich Vegan Curry

Vegan Enchiladas – Delicious And Satisfying Dinner Recipe

Vegan Enchiladas

Easy to make vegan enchiladas with the filling of black beans, bell peppers, and spices make this delicious, satisfying, and a great dinner recipe. As this recipe is totally plant-based it is healthy and full of nutrition. Ingredients For Vegan Enchiladas:- One – Red Onion Two Cloves – Garlic(minced) Three  – Bell Peppers(one red, one … Read moreVegan Enchiladas – Delicious And Satisfying Dinner Recipe

Sweet Potato Casserole – A Sweet Surprise

Sweet Potato Casserole

A fantastic looking vegan casserole made of sweet potato and pasta baked to perfection and taste too good. Sweet Potato Casserole is a healthy recipe as it is baked and gluten-free. Ingredients For Sweet Potato Casserole:- One Large – Shallot(chopped) One To Two Tablespoons – Extra- Virgin Olive Oil One Heaping Cup – Sweet Potatoes(chopped) … Read moreSweet Potato Casserole – A Sweet Surprise

Lemon Muffins – Moist And Deliciously Lemony

Lemon Muffins

Lemon Muffins are healthy and are great for breakfast recipe full of zesty lemony flavour with organic coconut sugar. These lemon muffins are soft, moist, and gluten-free topped with chia seeds and zesty cream cheese glaze. Ingredients For Lemon Muffins:- One Cup – Almond Milk One Teaspoon – Apple Cider Vinegar One And Three-Fourth Cups … Read moreLemon Muffins – Moist And Deliciously Lemony

Pumpkin Penne – Gluten Free Creamy Pasta

Pumpkin Penne

Pumpkin Penne is a creamy vegan sauce pasta which tastes absolutely delicious and was a perfect dinner recipe. Adding spices and pumpkin make the recipe creamy and dairy- free. Pumpkin penne is healthy and easy to make using fewer spices. Ingredients For Pumpkin Penne:- One Heaping Cup – Pumpkin(cooked and mashed) Half – Yellow Onion(sliced … Read morePumpkin Penne – Gluten Free Creamy Pasta

Vegetable Fritters – Mouthwatering Indian Snacks

Vegetable Fritters

Vegetable Fritters is a mouthwatering snack loved by every age of people in India. It is deep fried crispy golden brown snack made with vegetables like potatoes and onions and some spices in gram flour batter and you can use your choice of vegetables to add more nutrition. Enjoy the fritters with green coriander chutney … Read moreVegetable Fritters – Mouthwatering Indian Snacks