How to Deseed Guava
How to Deseed Guava

Guava is a tropical fruit that holds multiple nutrients such as iron, vitamin a, vitamin c, and folic acid. Our recent post shares the recipe for making juice from this delicious fruit along with its benefits. But, one important part of the recipe is deseeding this tropical fruit which is also known as amrood in India.

Let,s first know three techniques of deseeding the guava.

The Technique to Deseed Guava

  • Remove dirt from guava by washing it nicely under the running water.
  • Pat dry them and place into a place.
  • Now, pick one guava and slit the fruit from top to bottom with a sharp edge knife. Now, leave some distance and repeat the same step until the circle is complete.
  • Next step is to press the fruit gently and you will notice that the fruit has loosened a bit. Now here bring your second hand into work and start plucking each edge out of the circle.
  • In the end, you will find the whole seed pulp and guava fruit separate.

Technique II

  • Wash the fruit under running water and pat dry.
  • Now, keep them on a plate.
  • Pick any one of them and slit fruit from the middle. This will separate the fruit into two parts. Now, take a scooper and scoop out the seeds quickly.

Technique III

  • Clean the fruit under running water and pat dry. Keep them in a plate
  • Cut the fruit into slices and take a teaspoon.
  • Now, hold the spoon from its end, means upside down and remove the seeds from each slice with the tip of the spoon.

Cons of Eating Too Much Guava

Increase Sugar Crave – This fruit has a lot of fibers and these nutritional elements may give you a sweet tooth. As too much biting into this fruit can crave you for sugar that can result in diabetics.

Cause Bacterial Infection – Secondly, it can cause bacterial infection has various bacteria like listeria, E.coli and salmonella can stick to guava peel due to the wind and dust particles in the air.

Makes Irritational –¬†Next and the last bad thing about this tropical fruit, guava is not available at all places. The regular habit of adding this fruit to the diet can leave you irritated by not finding them at some places.

Next Step

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