Asafoetida is an important part of Indian cuisine. It is a latex gum extracted from various species of a perennial herb known as ferula. The distinct flavour and aroma can transform any boring dish. This ingredient has long been known for the health benefits it has to offer and has a prominent place in traditional medicine; and has carminative, anti-viral, anti bacterial, anti-inflammatory, sedative and diuretic properties. Hope you like this info as you did like my previous post Health Benefits Of Flattened Rice.

Health Benefits Of Asafoetida

Helps Reduce bloating and other stomach problems

  • It is an old medicine for stomach problems including gas bloating, intestinal worms and flatulence. It has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that helps alleviate such health issues.
  • Consume a dash of asafoetida on a daily basis by adding it into gravies or lentils.

Helps Relieve Asthma

  • It May also help in relieving respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis, dry cough, due to its anti-flammatory, anti-viral, and antibiotic effects.
  • Is also help in relieving chest congestion and releasing phlegm.

May Lower Blood Pressure Levels

  • Asafoetida is known to be a natural blood thinner and may help in lowering blood pressure levels.
  • It is power-packed with coumarin, a compound that aids in improving blood flow, thereby preventing the formation of clots.

May Relieve Menstrual Pain

  • Asafoeditda may¬† come to your rescue by alleviating the menstrual pain and cramps in the lower abdomen and back.
  • Being a natural blood thinner, it helps blood flow smoothly without hampering any part of your body.
  • It also boosts progesterone secretion that promotes easy blood flow, thus relief from pain.


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